April Leigh Guidry

April 21, 1980 ~ September 4, 2011

April Leigh Murphy Guidry, 31, of Lake Charles died on Sunday, September 4, 2011 in her residence.

April was born in Sulphur, Louisiana and lived most of her life in the Lake Charles area. She was a 1997 graduate of Ruston High School. She loved spending time with her children, her family and all of her friends.

She is survived by her three children; Kaigen Guidry of Westlake, LA, Zoie Guidry of Lafayette, LA, and Haley Smith of Lake Charles, LA, her father; Tony Guidry of Iowa, one sister; Stephanie Monceaux of Lake Charles, one brother; Scott Guidry of Bell City, LA.

April is preceded in death by her mother Cindy Monceaux Ackley and her grandmother Violet Courville.

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  1. I am as awestruck as I was when I read Cindy's Vi's Obituaries. Too many great memories with this family to account for. Too much tragedy loss for one family to endure. I pray each of you can find peace in such unsettling situations. When Whittany found out about April's passing, all she could say was, My Apple Leigh is gone?!? I will miss each of them more as each day passes and remember to say a prayer for each of you to gain strength through it. Losing a loved one is so tough and sometimes bares no understanding for us. Just know that they are happy with our Lord. I love and miss you ALL!

  2. I am so sad for all of you. I will always remember her smiling face and laughter. My heart goes out to each of you and her children at this time. God Bless her and each of you!

  3. I only knew April for a short while. She was a really pretty, funny, caring person. I know she had her faults, like we all do…. I'd not seen her in a long time, but I hope she has some peace now. It hurt my heart to see she had left here… sad.

  4. i remember when i was little i used to want to be just like you. i looked up to you. me you were still are very close. i will always be your mozzarella cheese stick you will always be my aunt apple. you were so young i cant believe that you are gone. im still waiting for you to text me even though you wont. i love you more than i can put into words i will miss you beyond belief. i know your laughing at me saying why the hell am i crying for you, but its because you were more than an aunt to me. no one knows how close we really are. i speak in the present because i know your still here with me in my heart. im so happy your not longer sick. your beautiful children are going to miss you like crazy they love you more than anything. they each have a little piece of your personality in them. i know your proud of them for being so strong through all of this. you still never stop amazing me. my heart hurts knowing your no longer here. i need to stop being so selfish because it was maemae grandmaws turn to have you again. words cant describe how you feel right now all i can say is i love you im going to miss you. R.I.P my beautiful aunt apple.

  5. It has been awhile since we have talk but I can still see your lil smile shinning bright as ever. Praying for you and the family God Bless everyone…….

  6. My deepst sympathies over the loss of your dear loved one. While a few words offer peace during a difficult time, perhaps the words expressed at Revelation 21:3,4 provide you with both comfort and hope along with the realization that soon sickness and death will one day be a thing of the past.

  7. Sweet, Beautiful Harmoni'…So glad to see you 'talk' to Aunt Apple. She does hear you and knows this is hard for you and would want nothing more than for you to continue your relationship with her. Do what your heart tells you to do. You are a wonderful girl and I know she misses you too!

  8. Its yesterday u were here. It really hurts to see u not here with me as I grow up. I have a picture of u in my binder. So everytime school starts I will see u. I really miss u all the fun times me you and Zoie had. I cant wait to see u again and hug u. There have been those days were I asked why but I remembered God gives us hard times to test our faith. I love u mom.

  9. I always think about you all the time. I think of your smile and everything you did for me. I love you so much and I miss you too. I miss how you would nudge me and laugh at my jokes or smile at me. I just miss giving you hugs everyday and hearing your voice. I miss being able to tell you I love you. I miss how you would tell me secrets and you would always have my back. You were my best friend and you still are. I wouldn't want anyone else to take your place. I'm glad I got to have you as my mom. Even though I'm mad that your gone I know your always with me. It just makes me sad how I have to grow up and do things without you. But I'll be ok. I think about how life would be different if you never went in the bad habit. But I wouldn't be where i am today. You taught me so much in so little time and I love you so much. I miss you everyday. Love you mom

  10. I come here every so often to see if anyone has wrote anything new, most of time there usually isn't any new things being said though. Maybe I come here to get closure or something, which I obliviously cant get. Maybe since I don't know much about you I come here to read what people say just to figure out if their was a side of you I never had seen. I think about you a lot, people at school always ask me how does it feel not to have a mom and i always tell them "oh well we weren't very close so it doesn't affect me" which is partially true because we weren't very close. As I grow up Im changing as a person and if you were here I would hope you would be proud of me. I think about if I could of saved you somehow, someway but at the end of they day, I know I wouldn't of been able to. I don't talk about you a lot or even cry about you because… Im mad. Im mad for so many reasons, that you considered drinking more of a priority then seeing your own daughter or maybe not caring much about me, maybe you did, I just never saw that, you forgot my birthdays, I mean how is it that hard to remember you daughters birthday. You know people tell me your interest and it's funny how much we have in common, hair, makeup, etc. I just wish you were here because i don't have any other "mother" figures and I want to know how to do something that you would of taught me, now I have to look it up on google or YouTube. But I am thankful for you mom<3

  11. So, I can't stop thinking about you. And it hurts staying up and thinking about you, the way you used to call my name. The way you hugged me or held me. I just miss you mom. I miss you sooo much. I don't wanna grow up and do things and not have you there to walk with me. I don't even know why you did the things you did. I just miss you soooo much. and I love you. It's hard going on without you mom. There's some things that happen and it makes me think of you and I can't stop crying cause I miss you and I think about the old times and I think about how it could be. I just want you back. Your supposed to be there for me. And it sucks that you're not. But I have to accept it. And it's not fair. I love you soooo much mom

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