Rev. Murrell L. Ewing

January 9, 1941 ~ December 31, 2010

Murrell LaVonne Ewing departed this life from his residence in Beauregard Parish Friday morning, December 31st. He was 69 years of age. A resident of Lake Charles since 1950, Murrell Ewing has served as the Pastor of Eastwood Pentecostal Church since 1966.

Pastor Ewing is preceded in death by his parents, Tom Ed and Marie Ewing. He is survived by his wife of 51 years, Joan Clark Ewing; a son, Landy Ewing (wife, Lauren) of Kansas City, Missouri and a daughter, Vonnie Ewing Lopez (husband, Aaron) of Lake Charles. He is also survived by four grandchildren: Matthew Ewing (and wife, Natalie); Taylor Ewing Trahan (and husband, Jimmy); Aaron James "AJ" and Lindsey Lopez all of Lake Charles. The Ewing family is anxiously awaiting the birth of the first great-grandchild this month. A host of family and friends, along with the Eastwood church family, will also cherish his memory.

Pastor Ewing, in addition to being an outstanding minister and speaker, was equally well-known for his singing. An outstanding soloist, he was also a founding member of the Conquerors Quartet - a group that traveled and sang southern quartet gospel across the south. For decades, many of his sermons were transformed to music and lyrics by his wife, Joan, and shared in services and concert venues across America and around the world. His performance of "He Saw Me" on a Bill Gaither Homecoming project continues to be one of the most popular Murrell Ewing clips viewed on YouTube. Joan and Murrell Ewing were awarded the Pentecostal Music Association's Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of their immeasurable contribution to Pentecostal music.

Born in Catahoula Parish, in a community known as Boggy Bayou, Murrell Ewing entered the world on January 9, 1941. At the tender age of nine, when his parents relocated to the Lake Charles/Moss Bluff area where they assumed the pastorate of what was then known as English Bayou Pentecostal Church, Murrell Ewing became a Lake Charles resident - and for him, though he traveled the world - there was never any place quite like home.

Murrell met the love of his life, and he and Joan Clark Ewing were married in Kinder, Louisiana on November 24, 1959. They served as choir directors in camps and held choir clinics in churches around Louisiana and across America, while he continued to become a much-sought after speaker as well. After a time as Assistant Pastor in Alexandria, Louisiana, serving with Pastor G.A. Mangun, - Murrell and Joan relocated to Lake Charles in 1966 to assist his parents in pastoring Eastwood Pentecostal Church and became Senior Pastor in 1981, where they remain in service to that congregation and this community.

Through the years of his leadership as Pastor, the congregation has grown and flourished. In April of 1984, they relocated from their existing building on Opelousas Street to the 9.5 acre complex at the intersection Highway 171 and Interstate 10. Offering Sunday School classes, and bus transportation to the less fortunate, consistent Christian teaching and leadership have been the hallmark of Eastwood through the years. The Ewing's commitment to Lake Charles has been lived out in the lives they have touched through ministry and song. Murrell Ewing's pastor's heart was not limited to the members of his congregation, but extended to the entire Lake Charles community as reflected in his words on their church's website: "If it's winter, come in out of the cold. If the summer of life has parched your soul, you'll find a cool oasis here. The worship, the doctrine, the power to change lives. It's all still here. We've been praying that you would come."

In addition to his local church involvement and his personal ministry in preaching and singing worldwide, Murrell Ewing was highly involved in the work of the Louisiana District of the United Pentecostal Church as well as in national capacities. He served as Louisiana District Youth President, was a member of the Louisiana District Board, and for many years served as the Youth Camp Principal at the District's youth camps in Tioga. On a national level, he served on the music committee and participated in the development of the Sing Unto The Lord hymnal. He and Joan served for many years as consultants and participants in national programming for both home and foreign missions.

The impact this man's influence has had on both young people and adults through the brief years of his life is truly immeasurable. Murrell Ewing will be missed not only at Eastwood, but also in the city of Lake Charles. Anyone who was privileged to know him will remember some kind word or deed, and will mourn his passing.

The body will lie in state at Eastwood. The family will receive from 10:00 am until 2:00 pm on Tuesday, January 4th. Friends may continue to call at the church from 2:00 pm until the celebration service which will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday evening. A brief service will be held Wednesday morning at 11:00 am at Eastwood, then proceed to Richie Cemetery for interment.

Arrangements are being handled by Johnson Funeral Home where condolences messages can be left at In lieu of flowers, contributions can be made to the Murrell Ewing Memorial Missions Fund - PO Box 16778 - Lake Charles, LA 70616. Celebration Service may be viewed live at

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  1. Bro. Murrell and Sis. Joan, and their entire fly., for that matter, had a tremendous impact on my life. His teachings and preachings; his words in song; or his one on one time he always found for his flock, were a soothing balm for the soul. I thank God for Bro. Murrell and his life. See you when I get there, Bro. Murrell. God grant your grieving family peace in their time of loss.

  2. Brother Murrell held a very special place in our hearts and in our lives. My mother and her family were the Hickingbottoms and my grandmother was his mother's first cousin.Brother Murrell grew up across the street from them and spent many good times with our family, especially Aunt Tessie and Uncle Warren. We were priveleged to know him in a very special way. We always loved going home to Lake Charles…and to Eastwood. Brother Murrell was always loving and kind to me and my family. My dad and he shared many memories and began their ministry about the same time. How I wish we could be present for his homegoing…but I will be online sharing as much as I can in the service to honour his life. He has blessed untold numbers of people with his ministryin the word and in his music. My heartfelt condolences to his wonderful family….my thoughts are with you all.

  3. Can't believe this big ol teddy bear is gone. One of the most precious of God's children I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I know you and MawMaw are up there still watching over us. Rest in peace, my beloved pastor.

  4. For seven years, Bro Murrell was our pastor. His messages from God, along with his beautiful singing, touched our souls and shaped our faith. Not only did he stand tall physically among men, but spiritually he towered as an example of godliness, showing the love of God to all who knew him. Our hearts weep at the thought of losing him, but, at the same time, we rejoice knowing that he has reached his goal and his eternal reward. We know that we don't have a soul, we are a soul that has a body for a short time. He has laid down his earthly body, but lives on for all eternity. We know that we will see him again when we all gather around the heavenly throne of God.

  5. He and Sis. Joan were such a special couple. A shining example of true Christians. The anointing on his life will always leave a special remembrance for us. Sis. Joan, you and your family will continue to be in our prayers.

  6. I can't image a world without Bro. Ewing. He was always a calming pillar to hang onto in a storm. In all the years that I have known him, I have never heard him speak an unkind word or make ANYONE feel unworthy (and I am a backslider). Heaven is rejoicing even while we spill our tears. There never has been, nor will there ever be again a man like Murrell Ewing. Watching him pray with the family at Thanksgiving, you just knew how comfortable he was just talking to the Lord.

  7. I had the priveledge of knowing Pastor Ewing and His Dad. My Dad russell Sr. help build and paint the new church. My Dad sat under His Pastorship for many years. He is and was a grat man of faith. He will be missed by all who knew Him. His life was immeasurable in earthly terms. My prayers go out to all His family. May God grant you comfort and strngth.

  8. I have known Bro. Murrel all of my life. As a young child I attended each year their church's vacation bible school.I loved his parents so much and that same love grew for Bro. Murrel from a young age. When we lost my sister, Loretta, he was wonderful with such gentle words of comfort.He was always so precious and one of the nicest men I ever knew. So kind and so gentle. How Heaven must be rejoicing. May God bless and strengthen his family during this difficult time.

  9. I meet Bro Sis Ewing at LA Youth Camp in 1963. I have seen them many times and they are always the. Sis Joan, may the Lord Bless you through this time, as his has many other times. Praying for you and your family. He will be greatly missed in song and preaching

  10. I met Brother Ewing on several occasions in church service after marrying my wife, whose family is kin to him. He was always kind to me and our family when we visited Eastwood. He was spoken highly of any time his name was brought up. Brother Ewing will be missed by all that knew him.

  11. I remeber going to youth camp and seeing him preach and many other things he did there… I remember going to his church in my teen years.. He is such a good preaher and a good friend.. My prayers goes out to the family… Ms. Sally Waites Boyd

  12. I remember growing up listening to Bishop Ewing singing on KAJN Radio. I visited his church along with Glad Tidings where Pastor Boz was the pastor at the time. To The Ewing Family, Vonnie, Landie, and Aaron, and Sis Joan and the grandchildren, Nita and I send our heartfelt prayers, and condolences, Hold on be strong, the vision continues to live on.

  13. I was healed of cancer (after given 6 months to live )and filled with the holy ghost over 25 years ago…I was new to pentecost and didn't know what singers were anointed or really didn't even know any music…I attended KY. camp for the 1st time (from E.D. Pucketts church) the PPH was set up and selling tapes and books…I only had enough money for 1 tape..I earnestly prayed to the Lord and asked him to pick out just the right tape for me that was anointed and that would lift up and glorfy GOD…I then picked up and bought bro. Ewings tape a portrait of Love…I played the tape on my way home from camp and cried like a baby for hours…I knew for sure that GOD had directed my hand as I purchased this tape…the anointing I felt from his singing was just too wonderful for me to contain…I've since then had to buy the tape again(along with 3 other ones) because it was so worn out and finally broke….I will truly miss this wonderful man of GOD, but his songs and singing are forever singing in my heart….over and over in my heart I can hear the song your ride's on the way …thank-u sister Ewing for letting me hear your heart through your husbands anointed singing….. Sister shirley baker

  14. I was the youngest of 7 of the Dick and Lucy Reeves clan and remember the great meals we all shared together and the love we all had for Bro. Sister TE Ewing and Murl. My Mom and Dad thought there were no one else in the world like the Ewings. They were all and inspiration to us all and what a celebration that is taking place in heaven as our loved ones reunite. Sis Joan and family we love you all and you all have our deepest sympathy. Donita Reeves Abate and family

  15. In 1968 My husband John Davis was burned to almost unrecognizable , he stayed at ST. Patricks Hospital for 4 months. The Doctor walked in and told me that in one hour he would die. I was 15 yrs. old and my husband was 18 yrs. old. Well Bro. Murrel and Bro. Tom walked in that room and knew that God was not finish with my husband on this earth. When they layed hands on him Fire came from Heaven and at two oclock that next morning the Doctors woke me up and told me to come to my husbands room, and when I got there my husband was sitting up and he looked at me and said he was hungry. That is a testamony to what kind of Men these Men were. The annoiting Power was unexplainable. Yes! Heaven is rejoicing!!!! Truly a man of God, and he will be missed!

  16. Joan and family, I just found out about Rev. Ewing's passing and I wanted to express my deepest sympathy. Murrell was the most kind and gentle men I have ever known. He was always so kind to Rick and my children. I will always remember his gentle spirit and compassionate smile in my heart. He was truly one of those people who make a difference not only in my life, but in the lives of everyone he touched.

  17. My family (Lucy Dick Reeves) were members of English Bayou Pentecostal Church when the Ewing family arrived in 1950. My dad was the deacon, so we all became close friends. We had Sunday meals together and soon became one bigger happy family. For many years it became a Sunday tradition. Bro. Murrell fit right in with all the Reeves' kids. As a child, he was kind, humble and compassionate. I never doubted that he would turn out to be a great man. My deepest sympathy to Bro. Murrell's beloved Joan and family. I am proud that Bro. Murrell was my friend.

  18. My wife, Rachel, and I will never forget the wonderful times at WABC in Stockton, California when Bro. and Sis. Ewing and the Conquerors Quartet would sing and minister to the Church and College in the late 1960's. Bro. Ewing always ministered with passion and annointing! We are praying for Sis. Ewing and family today.

  19. One can not express enough how blessed this world was to have Bro. Ewing in it. I believe that Our Lord allows each and every one of his beloved followers to see and do so much in this life, that when he is ready, he calls us home. Scott and I will never forget the love and compassion your family shown us when our angel, Mallory Kathryn, was called home so many years ago. And now, Bro. Ewing is home. At Rest in His Heavenly Fathers Arms. What a difference Bro. Ewing has made in so many peoples lives. We are truly blessed to have known him.

  20. Our prayers are with you during this time of loss and pain. Bro. Ewing was such an inspiration to us since the 60's and God used his ministry to bring healing and motivation to our lives to work for the Lord. He is now enjoying and singing with the Lord in heavenly places. May the Lord give you peace and strength. Love Bro. and Sis. Ismael Veloz

  21. Please know that Brother Ewing lived doing the right thing. We can learn by his example. Please know that we are praying for the family and church family. Much love to Sister Joan, Landy,Vonnie and the entire Ewing family.Love, Kenny Lisa Andrus

  22. Sis. Joan, of all these many years of music, there have only been three people who influenced my Mastery of the Hammond B-3 Drawbars. Those three are Lanny Wolfe, Becky (Varnado) Fender, and Joan Ewing. I remember when Tioga UPC Campground finally got a Hammond Organ with Leslie Speakers. It was the answer to hundreds of Prayers. Thank you for writing, It'll Be Different. It's hard for that to not be my favorite song — except for Peanut's song, Take Me Home Last, which Bro. Murrell sang at Youth Camp when I prayed through as a child. My entire family wishes that we could be there with you. Bro. Murrell's Humility always outshown his Greatness, and you have always been a Lady. In your Grace, you have set a phenomenal example for the rest of us to follow, and indeed, you've set the bar quite high. A HUGE Thank You is in order, from all of us to you — but if they all started arriving, your Post Office wouldn't have room to process them. What was it that the songwriter once said, Thank God for you, the wind beneath my wings…

  23. Sister Ewing, My heart is with you. I have thought of you both often and will always remember the good times and the fire you instilled in me in my time at Eastwood. It was an honor to serve you and the church. I grew so much in my walk with God with your guidance and patience. I will never forget either of you. I loved you both so much. You will always be my other Mother. Until we all meet again in Glory.. Love Always, Pam (Buller) Miller

  24. There was an ever-present expectancy in him to one day soon be in the presence of Our Lord Jesus, for whom Brother Murrell's love was so great that tears often filled his eyes, and his beautiful, commanding voice would tenderly break mid sentence or song. He wanted us ALL to be There together…everyone. As I sit here having been separated by many miles and many years from him – and all the Eastwood family who I grew to love – I still so deeply love him, and I miss him terribly …as though all these years have only been but a few days. With tears in my eyes my great consolation is picturing our beloved pastor There, filled with eternal, unspeakable joy, face to face with Jesus!…where he dreamed, preached, spoke and sang of being…Home. Praise God!

  25. To Sis Ewing, Ewing Family and Eastwood Family,Bro Ewing will be sorely missed. Our prayers are with you all. He was very much loved and respected and his memories will always be cherished. We count it a privilege to have known him. He sang at our wedding 39 years ago. We then moved out of state for ministry and have not been able to be close as we would have liked.God bless you!! Terrell and Becky Heard and fly.

  26. To the Ewing family, I am so sorry for this loss of such a great man of God. I remember in the late 70's Bro. Ewing preached Youth Camp in Lufkin,Tx. He was such an awesome minister and singer. I enjoyed listening to Bro and Sis Ewing sing. May God comfort you and his church family at this time. In my prayers, Love in Christ, Belinda Smith

  27. To the Ewing family, what can I say that anyone doesn't already know about this great man of God. he and Sister Joan were a true example of how christans are suppose to be. I met the Ewings years ago while eating out. it didn't matter who you were or even if you didn't share the same faith they still treated you with respect and didn't judge you. all that mattered to them is that we serve the same Almighty God in heaven and that is where he is now singing with the heavenly choir. I remember meeting them and his words to me were you are so kind with that deep but yet gentle voice. when you hear him sing you know you are in the presence of God. my thoughts and prayers are with the family as you face these difficult days ahead. I know it will be hard but i know sister Joan is a stong woman of faith and she will get through this. I can do all things through christ who strengthens me.

  28. We have enjoyed Bro. Ewings singing for years. Thank You Sis Ewing for writing such beautiful songs. May God Bless and be with each of you and the church.

  29. We have fond memories of Rev. Ewing and his wife and children over the years in Moss Bluff and as we were involved in Education we had the priviledge of teaching the children and serve as principal. We always felt the support of the entire family in our efforts in education. We are saddened to learn of his passing. Take care and know that our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family. Kerry and Neval Durr

  30. We were deeply saddened to learn of your loss. My mother, Marjorie McFarland, and all our family grieve with you and pray for God's strength and peace for each of you during this very difficult transition. Bro. Ewing was ONE OF A KIND and will be greatly missed by many!!

  31. What fond memories of all of us growing up together with Murrell- my cousins, the Smith boys, Warren, Darrell, Melvin, me and my brother, Sid Corbello. He later became Brother Murrell to us. What an impact he had on all our lives! What a man of God! What a beautiful voice! He's singing now the Heavenly Choir. To the family – we love you and know that God will give you a peace that passes all understanding.Linda Corbello Duplechin

  32. Years ago, I was headed to church with my children and for some reason I ended up at Eastwood Pentecostal Church. I was Catholic at the time. All I knew was that I needed help, and Rev. Ewing and his congregation were there to help me through a very rough time in my life. I will never forget what they did for me. He was a wonderful, caring person who saved my life.

  33. Although this great man has been gone several years now, I miss his voice, his spirit, and his wisdom every day. I grew up listening to him sing and preach. What an awesome man of God he was. His influence on my life still speaks every day.

  34. I was blessed to hear Rev Ewing sing in the 80s at the church I was attending. Ill never forget His voice was so amazing and anointed. I had purchased his albums st that time & still have them. Thankful he shared Jesus with us. God bless his family.

  35. Siz Joan I would want to register my heartfelt condolences for the passing on of Murrell, seven years now I thought of learning of his life biography, now I know his reasons for the passion he had for Jesus, may the Lord keep you all.

  36. I had the privilege to have met bro Ewing at general conference 1982 . I was able also to travel through Louisiana and stopped in on service night ! I was sat right behind his wife by usher! All class preacher , Father, friend ! No doubt a real man of God ! I look forward to see him again !

  37. Oct 21 1976 I committed my life to the Lord The first music i heard on record was by Bro Murrell Ewing. His music has stayed my favorite of Apostolic singers 
    I know this is more than 10 years since his passing and i am sad that I didnt know I could do this until now. But his music left quite an impression on me 

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