Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson

Matt Thompson joined the Johnson Funeral Home team in 2021 as a Funeral Director, driven by a strong sense of calling to serve his community with compassion and empathy during some of their most challenging moments.

Coming from a background as the son of a Methodist preacher, Matt believes that being a funeral director is not just a job but a calling to provide heartfelt care. He recognizes the importance of offering genuine empathy and support to families during what can be the hardest times in their lives.

Immersing himself in the Cajun culture of Lake Charles, Louisiana, Matt has found a strong connection to the community he serves. This sense of community extends beyond his professional role, reflecting his upbringing and values.

Matt's unique abilities include a Bachelor's degree in Communications, which enhances his communication skills, and an inherent talent for quickly understanding and addressing people's needs.

In his personal life, Matt enjoys golfing and spending time outdoors. He finds immense joy in being a grandfather to six wonderful grandchildren, a role that adds depth and meaning to his life outside of the funeral home.