Avid Hunter

  1. Boy my brother how you could out hunt us all! So many Awesome Alabama trips we had! And so much laughter… when I want to cry because I’m missing you so much and there’s No more hunting trips to ogether, I like to go over those memories and giggle. Sometime Lord like right now I can’t text I laugh out loud with with us three in the truck, me sitting in the middle of you and Rick, we all smoking our cigarettes at the same time … I bet we looked like Cheech and Chong… LoL. Oh and me driving the golf cart to pick up the deer you shot. OMG we had to drag that deer out uphill. Thank God for all the leaves on the ground so it made it slick and easier to drag. But then to get it onto the cart LoL but we finally did it. I’m missing you
    You even more right Now. Love you so much!