Lenny’s Last fishing trip with Abby

  1. I think that was the date. Lenny and Abby came and put in at my house which was a normal thing at times. Lenny was pulling in like normal trying to get out of boat. We started talking about he is going to have to go smaller on the boat which y’all all know he has a small aluminum boat. I told him he had to start using a kayak . I told him I got a kayak in the marsh but grass is to tall. Just joking he said I could burn it I said no it’s not my land. Well guess what the fire in big lake started about the same time Lenny was dying. And it burnt the grass where my kayak is. Now I just have to find somebody to go get it. It’s funny how words match what is going to happen in life. Watch those words!! Lenny did what he said in spirit I guess.